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Por que a contruccion del edificio fue de esa manera?? Sinceramete no parece una iglesia católica, van a seguir remodelando el lugar o asi quedara ? Porque este edificio es multi-función, por eso, celebramos misas y usamos como salón por otros eventos y salones por catecismo también. Usualmente el primer edificio así, y después construir el templo.  Por ejemplo, este edificio cuesta $4 millón y un templo $12 millón.  Construiremos otro lugar (templo) en el futuro cuando las financias nos permite. Gracias.

Why did the building go that way? Sincerely, it does not look like a Catholic church, will they continue remodeling the place or will it remain so? The current worship facility may not appear to resemble a traditional Catholic Church because this building is a multi-purpose building to be used for worship, catechesis and other parish events.  In the future, we hope to construct a traditional Church building for worship. Thank you.

When do we think the building will open? Currently, we hope to hold our first Mass in the new space on September 29th or October 6th. Our Grand Opening celebration Mass is tentatively scheduled for October 28th at 2pm. Of course, weather and construction delays could still impact these dates, so keep praying for good success!

Will we have kneelers? – No, because this building is multipurpose, and the sanctuary will at times be used for receptions and events. We cannot stack chairs with kneelers unfortunately.

What is the plan for drivers coming from 41 on how to get to the parking lot? For the full story, listen to the May 6th homily here, building update is the second half. We are working to develop the second entrance for a left turn into the property.  The second entrance (with left turn coming from Hwy 41) will most likely not be done in time for our opening.  So, we will have police directing traffic for those to drive past the property and take a legal U-turn at the striped lane at the end of the median near the Paulding County line so the property can be accessed taking a right turn.

Why was this not put into the original plans? When we tried to get the project in budget, we eliminated the left turn for three reasons.  First, we assumed there would be a deceleration lane with U-turn, similar to the other ones installed in the Cedarcrest road widening, near the Paulding county line – it is not going to be installed for some time.  We did not see this would not be included in the plans.  Second, it was a savings of $200,000 to get the project in budget AND 75% of the drive that will be installed will need to be removed when we do our future development (Church). Current estimates for the left-turn entrance are around $200,000 plus extra construction time. Third, it required us to purchase additional acreage from the Archdiocese adding to our land debt. We now have to purchase the entire 47 acre tract at this time.

When will we build our permanent sanctuary? When this facility is paid off ($5MM) and we have 30% of the funds for the additional $12MM needed to build our new sanctuary, we will begin to build the permanent sanctuary.

Will we have candles for prayer intentions? Not right away, but possibly sometime down the road.  Let’s get settled in and see how the space works out.

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