We are excited to share the latest updates on our building progress on this page. See the Building Plans page for an overview of where we started and the building plans.

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Week 49-1

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages, St Clare of Assisi Religious Center is certified to be occupied. Our new home’s construction is finished. It is time to put the finishing touches to our home. Moving from the rectory to the center, from Barber Middle School and St. Teresa’s. After 49 weeks and almost 500 pictures taken and posted on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this is the last update for this building phase to be posted. I have walked every acre of our 46 acres from Oct 2014, watched 37 truck loads of trees come down and sent to the mill, the barn dismantled, a Ford Courier hauled away, our red soil pushed piled and leveled to 888 feet above sea level. Watched 110 cubic yards of concrete poured, steel beams bolted down and blacktop take shape into parking spaces for us. Seen tile, carpeting being laid and walls painted. Seen crews of parishioners unload more than 22,000 pounds of chairs and tables, then put them in place in the sanctuary and classrooms. We now have permanent roots to share our faith, families and ourselves with others. God has been good to us, let our light shine bright and be a beacon to others.

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