A VOM thank you to the GREGORY FAMILY!

This month we would like to give a sincere thank you to the entire Gregory Family. Each one of them shares their special gifts with our St. Clare Family. Marianne and Josh are raising a family dedicated to service of God and family. Every week, FOR 4 YEARS, they have moved music equipment, played music and sang at Mass, have weekly rehearsals, are altar servers, sing in the youth choir, cantor at the children’s Masses, Josh is on the Building Committee & has provided drone footage during construction, Marianne is on the Leadership and Liturgical Committees, Communication Committee, helps in the office, has been coordinating many operations of the move, and a multitude of other things that come up during the day, and Paul charms us all with his angelic smile.

Thank you, Josh, Marianne, Samantha, Sarah, D.J., Suzy, Sophia, and Paul!

Words are not enough to express our gratitude for all your family gives to our parish, our prayers will be with you always.