FREE Unplanned Movie Event
August 16, 2019, 7pm St Clare Nave

Join us for a FREE parish viewing of the movie Unplanned, Friday, August 16, 2019 at 7pm.

EVANGELIZE and bring along a friend who may think differently than you or be undecided. This movie is for people on all sides of the abortion conversation!

Families Welcome! Nursery open and age appropriate movie will be shown for ages 6-16 in Classrooms 3/5.
Teens viewing unplanned must be accompanied by a parent.

Since its widely-discussed release in theaters, UNPLANNED has started new conversations about one of the most controversial issues of our time. No matter what your view of the issue, this powerful biographical story gives voice to Abby Johnson, a woman who has been on both sides of the abortion controversy. Join us for this eye-opening look – no on will leave this film unmoved.

Watch the trailer below or Check out Unplanned: Behind the Scenes on FORMED