Holy Hour of Prayer and Reparation

Parishioners of St. Clare – Do you find yourself avoiding the news and feeling helpless in the face of the tremendous evil and suffering that is all around us? 

As people of faith we know that God is ultimately in charge and waits patiently for us to turn to him for help.  Through Scripture, traditions of Holy Mother Church and the Saints we know that prayer and repentance are the tools we have to save ourselves, our family members, our country and even the whole world.  As Catholics we are blessed with the Real Presence of Jesus in the Tabernacle waiting patiently to join us as we invoke His forgiveness and mercy.

With all this in mind, please consider attending the Holy Hour of Prayer and Repentance each Friday between 3-4 pm,  starting November 8th.

A prayer program will be provided.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Mary Jo (travlingram@hotmail.com) or Bob (bobpax5@gmail.com)