Our Parish Offices Have Moved to Our New Building!

We have moved!

After 5 years of Father’s house being our office and conference room, our administrative offices now reside in the back of our new building, and the rectory finally belongs to Father Mark! It is easiest to find the office by taking the outside sidewalk down the side of the building; the last outside door is the office and will be open during business hours. Our phone and fax numbers remain the same.

THANK YOU to all those volunteers who helped make it happen.

Special thanks to our “11 old guys and a truck” crew, which included Vinnie Belli, Bill Carney, Tom Chelko, Jeff Cohan, Cheri Derriso, Ed and Deb Green, John Heider, Bob Heilmann, Larry & Doreen Leroux, Art Vandeboss, and Al Williams.

Without you, it could not have happened!