Quarantine Q&A Newsletters

We are putting together a weekly newsletter to keep everyone up to date on our rapidly changing information and to highlight the good that our parishioners are doing in the community. 

Please contact Beth Mulqueen (bmulqueen@stclarecc.org) if you…
                have any questions you would like answered
                have a topic you would like addressed in a future issue
                know of someone doing something positive in the community

VOL 1 Issue 1 (4/22/20)        VOL 1 Issue 2 (4/29/20)

VOL 2 Issue 1 (5/6/20)          VOL 2 Issue 2 (5/13/20)       VOL 2 Issue 3 (5/20/20)       VOL 2 Issue 4 (5/27/20)