Faith Formation Survey

As we prepare our Adult Faith Formation offerings for Spring 2022, we want to hear from you! Please take the survey below so we can get an idea of who is interested in programming that we have run before AND find out what your big questions and interests are so we can address them. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
Are you interested in participating in the 33 Days To Morning Glory consecration?(Required)
Are you interested in participating in the Consecration to Saint Joseph?(Required)
Are you interested in participating in the Jeff Cavin’s Bible Timeline study?(Required)
Are you interested in attending seasonal reflection series?(Required)
This survey is anonymous… please feel free to share anything you would like to learn more about. It can be as big as “The Bible” or as small as “why does Father wash his hands at Mass?” – or anything in between.
This could be criticisms, suggestions, or preferences (do you prefer big classes? Small groups?).
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