Combined choirs sing on Christmas Eve

Combined choirs sing on Christmas Eve

The volunteer music ministry at St. Clare of Assisi is a vibrant and exciting place to serve God. There are a wide variety of options to join, as each Mass has its own musical style. Please contact Marianne Gregory at if you are interested in joining any of these groups.



Traditional Mass Choir (Saturday 4:30pm Mass, Sunday 8:15am Mass)

This group is a traditional choir with cantor, accompanied by keyboard (in the style of organ).  The Mass parts used are the traditional Roman Missal ICEL chants sung in English with accompaniment. Hymns include primarily selections from the Gather comprehensive hymnals that were donated to our mission by St. Catherine of Siena and are available for use at the early Mass on Sunday.  This choir rehearses on Tuesday nights in the rectory chapel on Cedarcrest Road at 7pm. Concert instrumentalists, including flute, clarinet, and violin join this group regularly. Brass is added on special occasions.


Contemporary Mass Choirs (Sunday 10:30am Mass)

Music Ministry 8

Sunday Morning 10:30am at Barber Middle School


Except for 1st Sundays when the Angel Choir sings, this choir sings more contemporary hymns from Spirit and Song and CCLI, consisting of guitar, light percussion, and 2-3 vocalists each week. Led by Tony Waite, professional guitarist and songwriter, the contemporary choir has recently added many of our teens, and rehearses Fridays in the rectory chapel at 6:30pm. This group  uses the Matt Maher Mass of Communion Mass parts.


Para Musica en Espanol (Sunday 12:00 noon Mass) Spanish Music Ministry


Sunday 12:00 noon Mass

Sunday 12:00 noon Mass

“Cáliz” Ministerio de Musica y Alabanza sirviendo orgullosamente a la Iglesia de Santa Clara de Assisi. 

“Chalice” Music Ministry and Praise proudly serving the Church of St. Clare of Assisi.

Ramirez T. Fam (770) 435-1219
Contact: Tony Ramirez -



Praise Band kids get to meet Matt Maher at a concert and sit in on warmups

Praise & Worship Band meets Matt Maher at a concert and sits in on warmups.


Praise & Worship Band (Saturday 6pm Mass)

The Praise & Worship band consists of vocalists, keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass, and drum set. Also using the Matt Maher Mass of Communion Mass parts, this group offers a lively and uplifting Saturday Night musical experience using exclusively contemporary music from CCLI. The band is also available to play other events and venues, please contact Marianne Gregory at for more information.



Children’s Choir (Sunday 10:30am Mass, 1st Sundays Only)

From September until May, on the first Sunday of each month, the Angel Choir sings, consisting of children in K-4th grade, occasionally assisted by older children. While this choir is currently composed mostly of students from St. Catherine of Siena school and led by Teri Khan, their music teacher, we will be enrolling other children soon to create a uniquely St. Clare children’s choir.


Music Survey Results
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