Pastoral Plan Announcement

March 3, 2016

Where Faith and Family Come Together

My Dear Brothers and Sisters of St Clare of Assisi Catholic Church: In May, 2015 as St. Clare Mission approached one year of ministry to the people of Acworth, it seemed appropriate to begin preparation of a parish strategic plan to help prepare us for the mission of evangelization of the local Church in Acworth and to provide a vision for the parish for the next three to five years. The first meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee was held on June 5, 2015. At this time, discussion centered on a parish brand statement as well as defining parish goals and prioritizing them. The committee continued to meet through the fall of 2015 and a draft was prepared and subsequently edited for final draft.

This Pastoral Plan was developed in conjunction with our efforts to implement the pillars of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan promulgated by Archbishop Wilton Gregory in 2015: 

  • Knowing Our Faith 
  • Living Our Faith 
  • Sharing Our Faith 
  • Evolution of Our Parishes

Our Strategic Planning committee identified five key areas of importance in this order of priority:

  • Adult Faith Formation 
  • Youth Faith Formation 
  • Communications 
  • Worship 
  • Stewardship

It is interesting to note that a common theme in our plan as well as the Archdiocesan Plan is the importance of faith formation, both at the adult and family level. To that end, we will strive to prioritize the importance of this in the implementation of the entire plan.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of those who participated in the formulation of this plan. I am indebted to you for your efforts. Shortly we will establish a Pastoral Advisory Council to help assess our progress in the implementation of this plan as we continue to grow our faith community in the Acworth area.

It is with deep pleasure that I present the St. Clare Pastoral Plan to you, our faithful of the parish.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Mark Starr
Administrator, St. Clare of Assisi

Pastoral Plan in PDF Format