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Parish School of Religion: Parish School of Religion (PSR) is intended for those students in grades pre-kindergarten through high school enrolled in non-Catholic schools and home schooling.  PSR helps our young people build a foundation of faith that integrates catechetical and curriculum-based learning with service opportunities to increase their knowledge of the Church, its teachings, and to grow in their relationship with Christ.  Students follow Diocesan-approved curriculum which also includes a two-year sacramental preparation for students in 1st and 2nd grade (First Communion and First Reconciliation) and 9th & 10th grade (Confirmation).

For Pre K – 8th, please contact Kristen Maisano at dre@stclarecc.org or 770-485-0825, ext 103

For High School, please contact Bridget Marnett at bmarnell@stclarecc.org or 771-485-0825 ext 104

RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is for everyone 18 years or over who is interested in joining the Catholic Church. Typically this is a 7-8 month program.  Contact Deacon Tom (deacontom@stclarecc.org)

RICANiños y adolescentes que se preparan para recibir sus sacramentos de Iniciación Cristiana.
Contact the Office 770-485-0825

RICA ADULTOSque además de los sacramentos de iniciación Cristiana recibirán el sacramento del Matrimonio.
Contact the Office 770-485-0825