We are in need of people to volunteer to help at Mass
during this time of Social Distancing.

We are looking for Youth and Adult volunteers to assist with Ushering and Lectoring as well as after Mass and Bathroom Cleaning.  Please see below for requirements and how to volunteer.

USHERS:  We are looking for volunteers to assist
our ushers at Mass,  You only need to be 16 or older;
no other requirements (training will be provided).
We greatly need your and your older kids participation.

You will be helping with:

  * taking parishioners from Church door to seats
  *  helping during communion
  *  coordinating parishioners to leave Church.

Please click here to sign up: Volunteer Ushers

LECTORS: Fr. Mark would like our teens and young adults to serve as lectors for our Masses thru the end of June.  We will only have one lector per Mass so that person will read both the first and second readings.  We need lectors for all of our English Masses:

Saturday @ 4:30 pm
Sunday @ 8:00 & 10:30 am
Tuesday @ 7:00 pm 
Tuesday @ 7:00 pm 

Click here to help with After Mass Cleaning; click here to help with Bathroom Cleaning
We are in need of helpers at all weekend Masses.