Meals for Fr. Mark

The Sign Up Genius has been updated through July to bring Father Mark a meal:) Now is the perfect time with our new building opening and the craziness surrounding it!! Thank you.



Christmas Prep
We are looking for people to clean and decorate to
help us get the Church ready for our Christmas Masses.



Elijah Cup 
What is an Elijah Cup? – The Elijah Cup is a consecrated Chalice that serves as a tangible reminder to pray daily for our priests and for an increase in priestly, diaconate, and religious vocations.
What do we do with the Elijah Cup in our home?  For the week that you have the Elijah Cup, keep it in a place of prominence in your house and pray daily for vocations.


 Breaking (and Baking!) Bread Together

This sign up has been extended through the end of the year. The Welcome ministry offers a loaf of bread to our new parishioners. Thank you.