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Order of Christian Initiation for Children

Order of Christian Initiation for Children (OCIC) is the process for children who did not receive their sacraments at the normative time but wish to catch up. If your child is in the 3rd grade (or higher) and has not received First Communion and/or in the 11th grade or higher and has not received Confirmation please contact us immediately!

This new program is to help equip our young people to receive these sacraments and will be starting this Fall.  The length of this program will depend on sacramental needs of each child.  Your family will need to register for our family catechesis program. 

Please fill out an OCIC form before October 1st.  We will reach out to you about  how this program can serve your child.  If you have immediate questions contact Shelby.

Español – Si tiene preguntas inmediatas, comuníquese con Nelly Ramos, nramos@stclarecc.org

Shelby Pienta
Shelby Pienta
Director of Youth Ministry  Email Me
Nelly Ramos
Nelly Ramos
Associate Director of Faith Formation (Español)  Email Me
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