Church Cleaners

This group gets together Monday mornings after the 9:00 am Mass to lightly clean the Nave of our church. It should only take approximately 1-1/2 hours and includes light dusting, vacuuming, straightening the chairs, and cleaning the windows.

Linen Guild

With deep love and reverence for the Holy Eucharist, we launder and care for the linens used during the celebration of Holy Mass.

We have lovingly given ourselves the name of “THE LINEN GENIES” and care for the sacred linens on a rotating schedule. These special linens contain the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and are therefore handled and laundered in a reverent manner.

The Corporals, Purificators, and Lavabo towels used during Holy Mass will need to be cleaned every 2 weeks. The soiled linens will be placed in a plastic bag and left in the Sacristy. They should be picked up on Monday and returned on Thursday. Altar Scarves and Altar Server Albs will need cleaning much less frequently, maybe 4 times a year, but will be left to an as needed basis.

Detailed instructions can be found in the Altar Linen Care Procedure

If you are interested in helping with this very important part of our liturgy, please contact Cheryl Base.

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