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Our mission is to ensure less fortunate families and children are remembered during the Christmas season.
We work with our parish St. Vincent de Paul Society, Acworth Police Department, and the Roswell Pregnancy Aid Center
identifying Christmas needs of their group, then we request, collect, sort, distribute, and track gifts that fulfill those needs.
In October, November and December we need volunteers to set up and organize this process, including putting up a tree with
ornament tags and delivering gifts.

Giving Tree FAQ Sheet

The Giving Tree Ministry and how it works…

There are numerous needy families in our community. We seek them out, talk to them about their Christmas needs and wants, and then provide each child in the family with four gifts. The four gifts include two wants and two needs. After obtaining details such as age and size we create the list of needs. As far as the wants, we try to allow the children (or parents) to name the exact toy, game or item that the child would really enjoy this Christmas. The adults in the family are given gas and/or grocery gift card.

Once our list is complete, we create labels for each and every gift. These labels go on a paper ornament that we hang on our Giving Tree. For about four weekends we hang these ornaments up before and after each Mass. Our success depends entirely on our parishioners at this point – we ask that a tag be taken by each family and the gift be purchased and brought back the following week. (We request that the gifts be unwrapped because in our experience, the parents want to feel a part of this process so we provide them with wrapping paper to wrap their own children’s gifts).

The Christmas the gifts must be turned in by anyone who picked an ornament by the beginning of December. We then inventory all the gifts and quickly purchased any missing gifts with funds collected by those that choose to give monetary donations. We strive to fulfill every request. We then gather the gifts and distribute them to the families on a set date.

Being a part of this ministry is awesome. Sometimes your role is behind the scenes (creating labels) sometimes you’re front and center (contacting the families for their requests) and other times you’re doing the leg work (shopping last minute at the mall!). Regardless of how much or how little time you want to give, The Giving Tree Ministry has a place for you!

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of then contact Jennifer below.

Thank you!

The Giving Tree Ministry Team

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