Our mission is to ensure less fortunate families and children are remembered during the Christmas season. We work with our St. Vincent de Paul Society and other aid organizations in our local community to identify Christmas needs of their groups that we, as a parish, can assist in fulfilling. The Giving Tree volunteers then request, collect, sort, and distribute the donations received.

The Giving Tree Ministry and how it works…

Thank you for your interest in fulfilling a Child’s wish/need this Christmas! Please know that your generosity is helping those in need in our community. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Do I have to get exactly what is listed on the tag?
Yes, please! We ask that you pay close attention, adhere to the specifically requested item indicated on your tags, and avoid substitutions. 

But, what if I can’t find the requested item?
Email us at givingtree@stclarecc.org. Email us if you have any questions regarding a requested item or can’t find a specific toy, size, etc. Let us know the problem and we will then reach out to the families and get alternate choices.

Do I need to wrap the gift?
No! Please do not wrap the gifts. We welcome donations of gift bags, tissue, and wrapping paper which we will then give to the families on Distribution Day, so that they may have the joy of wrapping the gifts for their children.

How/When do I return the gift?
Return gifts asap, but no later than December 4th. We have a very short period of time between that deadline and the Distribution in which to sort the gifts by family. Please be sure to include your tag with the gift. This avoids all kinds of problems when we are sorting.

I want to help, but I don’t like to shop.
No Problem! We welcome monetary donations, as this helps us with shopping for items that are not received.

When will tags be available?
November 12th. We will have the Giving Tree up and ready for tag pulling at all weekend Masses starting November 12/13 until gone.

I have a question that was not addressed here.
Email us at givingtree@stclarecc.org and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Please reach out to us at givingtree@stclarecc.org if you are in need or if you know of a family in need who could benefit from our program.

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