Our 2024 St. Joseph the Worker Award winner is Bob Heilmann

Congratulations to Bob Heilmann, the inaugural winner of our 2024 St. Joseph the Worker Award!

Our St. Joseph the Worker Award aims to honor and recognize the dedicated, hardworking members of our parish. The recipient of the award reflects the very spirit of St. Joseph: a man of unwavering faith, humility, and a profound commitment to serving others. Like St. Joseph, our winner has demonstrated integrity, respect, and a profound sense of duty, not just within the confines of the church but also in their everyday interactions and in their workplace.

In moments of uncertainty and peril, St. Joseph embraced his role with humility and grace, never seeking recognition or praise. Similarly, our award recipient has humbly taken on immense responsibilities, often under challenging circumstances, and has done so with a heart full of love and an unwavering acceptance of God’s will.

Bob, we are grateful for your service to our parish! This award is well deserved, thank you for all you do.

We are so grateful for all of our volunteers and are excited to implement this annual award to recognize the dedication and love our volunteers have for the parish. Next year we will take nominations for who you think is deserving of this honor.

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